If you want to get started with diamond painting, you’ll need to get a diamond painting kit. Here I have written brief reviews on all of the major diamond painting kits available on the market today:

My #1 Recommendation: Paint With Diamonds (paintwithdiamonds.com)

This is my favorite supplier of diamond painting kits – they have an incredible collection (see https://paintwithdiamonds.com/collections), cheap prices (many of their kits are only around $15 USD), they have a quality product (I have yet to hear of any issues with them, and have faced no issues myself either), and they really have a bit passion for diamond painting as one of the first players in the industry.

One of the fun things about paintwithdiamonds.com is that they let you make custom kits, where you just send them a photo and they’ll make a diamond kit for you. That’s a pretty awesome product and it really comes out well (many people have tried it).

I am not the only person to really like the kits offered on this website: you can read more customer reviews at https://paintwithdiamonds.com/pages/reviews

All Diamond Painting (alldiamondpainting.com)

There’s a nice range of diamond painting kits here and they’re all of excellent value and decent quality, so I do definitely recommend taking a look through the website if you don’t see anything you like on the paintwithdiamonds.com website. In addition, beyond just offering kits, here you can also get useful accessories (see https://alldiamondpainting.com/collections/diamond-painting-supplies) that do not come with kits, and which you will probably need at some point if you ever really get stuck into this hobby. I can confirm the accessories here are of good value, good quality and very useful for enthusiasts.

Paint With Diamonds (paintwithdiamonds.art)

This is a sister site of alldiamondpainting.com, as you’ll probably recognize as the layouts are very similar. We’re not sure why this company decided to make 2 sites – but you’ll be fine no matter which one you go with.

Pretty Neat Creative (prettyneatcreative.com)

This is a company based in Singapore that ships through China and maintains a warehouse in the US. It’s not quite as well known as the above brands, but I’ve found they ship a quality product and are legitimate. If you find a design on their website that you like (and they have plenty), go ahead and get it.

We have not been compensated by any of the above companies, and we have no relationship whatsoever with them. The above is my opinion only. 🙂