Diamond painting is a new hobby that is gaining a lot more traction in 2020, and is something like a cross between paint by numbers and cross-stitch. It was first invented in 2015 and can be enjoyed by anyone of any age. While there are not too many companies in this space at this time, there are plenty of diamond painting kits you can buy and some instructions online on how to get started with it. It’s my hope that sometime in the not too distant future, someone will also create an informational product on how to do diamond painting the right way. But for now, I’ll just give a brief rundown of how the process of diamond painting works.

In diamond painting you put tiny little “diamonds” onto an adhesive canvas to create really amazing looking mosaic paintings. And don’t worry – the amount of diamond that you use is very tiny, so this will not turn into an expensive hobby 🙂

Here’s an example of diamond painting in the picture below — you can see tiny resin diamonds are being applied to a canvas:

Diamond painting does not take too much skill and practically no artistic talent, as you’re not creating anything from scratch here — you’re just following instructions and going along with a diamond painting kit that you basically just fill in. So this is nothing like drawing your own artwork!

You’ll notice in the picture above the pen used to place the diamonds down on the canvas, and this specialized tool will be included in any diamond painting kit. It’s fairly easy to learn and use. When diamond painting, like with paint by numbers, the grid you’re using will be marked so you know what to put where. In your diamond kit you’ll probably get many different varieties of diamonds, and there will be a legend saying what colors to put where. Then it’s just a matter of filling in the grid. Again, this is not difficult: you do not need to be creative (in fact, there is no creativity required) and it’s really easy to get started with.

Diamond paintings, as you’d imagine, look really beautiful when done as the diamonds really sparkle — you’ll find it’s much more dynamic and captivating than a regular painting. And as diamond paintings are still relatively unknown, they make for fantastic conversation pieces. It’s a great idea to frame your diamond painting and hang it up in your house somewhere.

If you’re intrigued by diamond painting and want to get started, you’ll need a diamond painting kit. Read my post on the best diamond painting kits here.

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